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Peak 23 | Midžor, Serbia | 2169m | 26th June 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Quick Summary

• Starting point - Babin Zub Hotel

• Route taken - Babin Zub, Serbia

• Total ascent - 400m

• Total length - 15.3 km round trip

• Total time for the climb - 3½ hours

• Expense category - #Low

• Equipment - #StandardHike

• Difficulty - #Level2 of 5

• Enjoyment - #3stars of 5*

We had an eventful start of the day before we got to this one. This would be my third peak in three days than I had planned, and things were starting to go less smoothly...

Starting the day in Rome, it didn't take us long to encounter our first problem. As we got in a taxi and started travelling to the airport one of us was doubling checking the flight details when we realised that we were heading to the wrong airport! Our flight was out of a different airport than we flew into the previous day. So the taxi driver did a quick u-turn and drove the 45 mins to the other side of Rome. The atmosphere was suddenly tense, we knew that catching the flight now was going to be sheer luck. But I also remembered that I had forgotten to check-in during this time and it would no longer let me do it online. Great. I had a €50 fine for this as well as now the additional hassle of having to get my boarding pass before I went through security.

However, a bit of luck came our way. The flight was delayed by an hour and on a rare occasion, we were thankful for it, as it was probably the only reason why we all managed to get on our flight that day.

But it wasn't long before another problem arose. When we arrived in Sofia and got to the car to find that the battery had run flat while it had been left. Someone had left the interior light on. This took us more valuable time on an already busy day.

All of this meant that we didn't make it to the start of the hike at the Babin Zub hotel until about 17:15. By this point, Iain was getting more and more concerned about the sun setting,

There isn't much of an ascent over the 8km trail.

Looking back, all of these delays actually meant that I got to see one of the best sunsets in the expedition.


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